Yes, you can access Noggin through your Fire TV two ways. If you purchased a subscription to the Noggin Prime Video Channel through your Amazon Prime account or on your Fire TV, you will see the Noggin channel listed under Your Channels.

If you have a Noggin app subscription, you can download Noggin Preschool Learning app in the app store on your Fire TV. If you have downloaded the Noggin app, it will be available in your apps on the Home Screen. Please be aware that the Noggin Channel through Prime Video and the Noggin app are two separate subscription services.

If you don’t see the Noggin Prime Video Channel listed, you’ll also want to make sure you subscribed to Noggin using the same Amazon account associated with your Fire TV. Then, to access the Noggin channel, please follow the steps below.

Enter Settings on your Fire TV
Select My Account
Select Sync Amazon Content
Return Home and search for Noggin under Your Channels. You can also search for individual Noggin shows in the search option on your Fire TV.
Select a program and press the Play button next to Watch Now with Noggin